Why Should Your Business Go For Odoo Customization?

Odoo Customization Introduction:

Customization is one of those dark spots in the ERP industry that no one wants to speak about them. Many companies believe in out of the box solution, but that brings new problems. Most of the organization work in a unique way depending on the size and the workflows they carry towards the growth of their business. It should also be noted that it is impossible for every organization to work in an analogous manner. Hence, customized ERP software is offered which can be crafted as per the business, to ensure the same workflows are in place.

Odoo customization has millions of benefits. It can automate and streamline the business process of the companies. If the Odoo ERP is customized according to the requirements of the company, tons of frustration and training efforts will get minimized.

Below are some reasons Why Should your business go For odoo Customization?

  1. Every business process needs some improvements and upgradations, but every advancement should be able to streamline the existing process. No employee wants to work with three screens at the same time, nor anyone wants to see the extra drop boxes. There are always more chances that these things can easily disappoint the employees.
  2. To achieve optimal usage of the ERP solution, additional features must be incorporated into the workflow of the ERP solution. With additional features integrated to the existing system, it improves the performance of the whole organization.
  3. A Business process might need to be extended to offer a new feature or functionality. The new feature or functionality requires the Odoo platform to be customized. Also, process extension can improve synergy within the system, improving productivity and efficiency.
  4. No one wants collections. Simple interface improves productivity and focus. This is also true in the case of the Odoo ERP solution. There are many cases when the employee must juggle with three or more screens to perform a simple task. The more viable solution would be to integrate all the fields into one screen and that can only be done by Odoo customization.
  5. Change is a constant process. But we need to find innovative ways to streamline the business process. Adaptation is necessary for improving growth of the business. The market is dynamic in nature and to survive in this complex environment, the systems need to be customized accordingly. This increases the adaptive nature of the system and prevents the system to run out of fuel in the future. The more flexible or customizable the system, the more adaptive the system becomes.
  6. Applications are the keystone of the business process. They provide the vital features and functionality. They help to simplify the business process. To achieve both long – term success and application lifespan, business needs to customize their ERP solution.
  7. Customization is one of the desired services by business who are looking to make their ERP customized to their requirement. With customization, several companies have given life to their work procedure.
  8. The staff love customization as the system is customized to their requirement and with more likability, productivity and efficiency are increased ten folds or more than that.
  9. Not all ERP solutions are mobile in nature. Now a day’s mobility is a crucial factor. For mobile operation, the system needs to be customized accordingly. With the help of Odoo customization, the organization can easily make their ERP system mobile in nature.
  10. Not every business process or company are same. They hold different identity in the market and their reports, business brochures, Social media activities and another form of data reflect their identity. To gain the unique identity, businesses need to do Odoo customization. Customization is required to help businesses impose their own identity on their stockholders and customers.

Please feel free to reach us at sales@bistasolutions.com for any queries on odoo customization. Also, you can write us through feedback@bistasolutions.com and tell us how this information has helped you.


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